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Finishing lambs from grass only

One of the biggest challenges for sheep farmers is to finish lambs as quickly as possible from grass. Edward Egan, Teagasc Drystock Advisor in Meath gives some advice and information.

A key marker for an early to mid-March lambing flock is how many lambs are finished by early September. Some of key targets & the practices that flocks selling about 50% of their lambs in a more typical year by early September from grass only are highlighted in this video. 

This video was produced in May before the current drought. The current drought is going to be very challenging & requires flexibility when it comes to drafting patterns, managing grass & feeding lambs.

Key practices include:

  1. Measuring grass weekly.
  2. Going into covers of 8cm.
  3. Grazing paddocks out in 3 days.
  4. Removing surplus grass quickly.
  5. Increasing the post grazing height for lambs as the season progresses.
Post-grazing sward height (cm) for a 
rotational paddock system for lambs
Month cm 
June - September