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Getting clover into the system – consider over-sowing?

Incorporating clover into a sward has multiple benefits in livestock systems and to discuss this in more detail on this week’s OviCast, Ciarán Lynch is joined by Dr Philip Creighton.

From recent work being conducted in Teagasc Athenry Philip starts by explaining the impact that increasing the clover content in swards has on animal performance.

He goes on to explain how this can reduce the requirement for chemical nitrogen during the mid-season period.

Philip and Ciarán then discuss inclusion levels in a reseed mix and Philip highlights the clover varieties that should be considered for sheep swards before moving on to focus on over-sowing clover into existing swards with Philip outlining why the coming weeks are an ideal time to consider this.

They discuss the various methods available to accomplish this and what impact pre-sowing sward management and site selection have on the successful establishment of a clover in the sward.

Finally, Philip discusses grazing management post-sowing and why frequent grazing of lighter covers is of benefit to clover establishment.

For more on the grass and white clover recommended list varieties for Ireland 2021 go to: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/8dbf3-grass-and-white-clover-recommended-list-varieties-for-ireland-2021/

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