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Identifying worm burden - routine faecal sampling

Carrying out routine dung samples from a batch of lambs will help identify whether or not the lambs need a dose. Michael Gottstein, Head of Sheep, outlines what oulshd be done and also runs through the process of how you take a sample.

Faecal egg count key steps:

  1. Contact approved lab (see list attached) for sample kit
  2. Collect at least 10 individual fresh samples at random by either gathering sheep in the corner of a field for a few minutes and then pick up samples when they move or selecting a group of 15 lambs at random, hold in a clean pen and collect samples
  3. Post as soon as possible with relevant details included, preferably on the day of sampling. Should there be some delay prior to posting, place samples in refrigerator / cool box (Do not freeze or leave in direct sunlight).
  4. Strongyle egg counts over 500 eggs per gram of faeces (epg) is an accepted threshold to warrant treatment
  5. Consult your vet or advisor to aid in interpreting results

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