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Let's Talk Sheep - Silage Making on Sheep Farms

On Thursday, 6th May at 8pm the Teagasc Let’s Talk Sheep Webinar will cover the topic of silage production on sheep farms for one hour. Dr. Tim Keady, Teagasc researcher will discuss the key factors involved in making high feed value silage. You won't want to miss it.

Research carried out in Teagasc Athenry has highlighted the potential to reduce amount of concentrates fed to ewes in late pregnancy when high feed value silage is available. Grass silage is the forage of choice offered to the majority of ewe flocks during the winter housing period. Focusing on producing high quality silage for sheep has many advantages. Dry matter digestibility (DMD) is the key factor influencing silage feed value.

Key determinants of silage digestibility (DMD)

The majority of factors determining silage digestibility are within the control of the farmer with the primary one being harvest date/stage of growth at which silage is harvested. Other factors include length of wilting, crop lodging, graze out pre closing, mowing height and quality of preservation. The aim should be to make 75% DMD silage.

Dr. Tim Keady, Teagasc Researcher, Athenry will discuss the key factors impacting silage feed value. He will also outline the key management factors in the production of high feed value silage, including fertiliser management, harvest date and wilting. Join us at 8pm on Thursday night.

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