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Out wintering on forage crops

On the final OviCast of 2020, Ciarán Lynch covers out wintering on forage crops with Teagasc advisor James Doran and BETTER Farm participant John Doyle


James begins by explaining the potential yield of the different crops and how they fit into the system.  He outlines key management tips when grazing these crops to avoid digestive upsets and other health concerns. He also highlights potential issues around clean livestock policy and what actions can be taken.

In the second half of the podcast, presenter Ciarán catches up with John Doyle who is farming in Ballindaggan in Co. Wexford. John has been out wintering on forage crops on an annual basis for a long number of years and he outlines the changes that have occurred in the type of crops he has sown during that period.

He discusses the crops he has in this year, how he manages ewes and lambs on them, in particular the transition of ewes indoors before lambing.  He also discusses the impact of sowing date and prevailing weather on the potential crop yield.

For more episodes from OviCast, visit the show page at: teagasc.ie/ovicastpodcast