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Ovicast Episode 42

On this week's Ovicast Michael Gottstein, Teagasc’s Head of Sheep joins Ciarán Lynch to discuss fluke control this autumn.

Michael begins by describing how liver fluke affects the sheep and what the high-risk periods for fluke infection are. He then moves on to discuss control options with Michael explaining the difference between the various categories of flukicide that are available and why not all are suitable at particular stages of the year.

As with other anthelmintics, resistance is an issue, which is discussed in a bit more detail with Michael offering his views on how this could be delayed on farms.

There is a discussion then on rumen fluke and what risk it poses on sheep farms before finishing up with Michael summarising the key points to consider in relation to fluke on farms for the coming weeks.

For more episodes from OviCast, visit the show page at:  https://www.teagasc.ie/animals/sheep/ovicast-sheep-podcast/