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Sheep Housing: Space Requirements

As we approach the time for housing ewes, it is important that we assess the number of ewes to give the appropriate stocking numbers for each pen. Get advice and information from Damian Costello, Teagasc Sheep Specialist.

‘With scanning either completed or currently underway for mid-season flocks our attention now turns to supplementing ewes as they move into late pregnancy. Once supplementation is introduced it’s important that all ewes are able to eat concentrates at one time.

Stock your pens appropriately 

Having your pens stocked appropriately is important at this key stage of the season to avoid some of the common problems that can occur in late pregnancy.

Teagasc Sheep Specialist Damian Costello explains that the two main considerations are lying space and trough/feed space. Damian also goes through the straight forward calculations that can be carried out in order to find out whether or not you have the appropriate space allowances in your pens. 

Recommended space allowances for unshorn ewes

 Pen floor space Feeding space  5
Type of Ewe Slats m2 Bedded m2 Meal Feeding mm Roughage
Large - body weight 90kg 1.2 1.4 600 200
Medium - body weight 70kg 1.1 1.2 500 200
Small - body weight 50kg  1 1.2 400 175

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