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Time to consider plunge dipping

Head of sheep in Teagasc Michael Gottstein joins Ciarán Lynch on this week’s OviCast podcast to discuss the control of external parasites in sheep. They discuss best practice when it comes to dipping and dip disposal.

Michael starts by describing how plunge dipping was common practice on many farms and now needs to be considered once again for external parasite control particularly to replace the use of injectable macrocyclic lactones (Group 3-ML) products for whole flock treatment.

They discuss best practice when it comes to dipping with Michael emphasising how the duration the sheep are dipped for has a big impact on its efficacy. He highlights the need to replenish the dip concentration as the active is removed during the dipping process and explains the option of using mobile plunge dipping providers or considering incorporating it into a handling unit. 

He also discusses dip disposal and why it’s vital this is done in a safe manner before finishing up encouraging farmers to consider dipping as a control option for external parasites.

For more episodes from the OviCast podcast, visit the show page at: www.teagasc.ie/ovicast-sheep-podcast