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1st International INFOGEST Webinar on Food Digestion

Event Time 2pm
Venue Online

INFOGEST is an international network with the aim of Sharing Information on the Digestion of Food. INFOGEST was created under a cost Action [FA1005] and has evolved into an open network of scientists from both academia and industry from over 45 countries. The aim of the network is to improve the current scientific knowledge on how food is disintegrated during oral, gastric and intestinal digestion.

The first Infogest webinar takes place on Wednesday, 2nd September at 2pm and will focus on topics related to food digestion. This webinar is the first in a series of online lectures in the run up to next year’s International Conference on Food Digestion in Cork, Ireland.

Guest speakers and topics for this webinar include:

  • The structure of plant-based food and nutrients bioaccessibility/digestibility
    Myriam Grundy, University of Reading, UK
  • Food processing, protein digestion and trends in plant proteins
    Uri Lesmes, Technion, Israel