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Nudging Towards Farm Safety - 4th BeSafe International Seminar:

Event Time 3.30 pm
Venue Online webinar
Professor Julie Sorensen will lead this webinar on Nudging: Applying What We Know About How People Think (or Don’t Think) to Improve Farm Safety

Routine, unsafe behaviours expose farm workers to risk of injury. This, in part, contributes to the high level of serious injuries and deaths on farms worldwide. There have been many farm safety initiatives or strategies focused on training, regulation and enforcement or engineering to reduce risks associated with farm operations. Most of these approaches assume human beings are paying attention or making logical, rational decisions.

Nudge Theory has attracted significant attention in the past decade. This does not assume that humans are always making rational decisions. It acknowledges that human decisions are often plagued by systematic errors or biases that can lead to bad, unsafe or counter-productive behaviors. There is a need, therefore, to 'nudge' workers towards taking a preferred, safer, option by shaping the occupational environment.

This seminar will present research that describes the basic process for developing nudging interventions that seek to enhance farm worker safety. It will provide examples of nudging interventions that have been applied on farms in the USA.

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