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Dairy Beef International Conference 2020

Event Time 8:30am
Venue Trim Castle Hotel, Castle Street, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
International technical conference on Beef Production from the Dairy Herd

2020 International Technical Conference on Beef Production from the Dairy Herd | Teagasc

With the expansion of the dairy industry globally, there is an increasing number of dairy-bred animals being slaughtered for beef, with some countries, including Ireland, experiencing a reduction in ‘suckler-bred’ beef animals. The dairy calf-to-beef or ‘dairy-beef’ industry has many challenges including the low economic return from what is often a high input production system. Alongside this, there is increasing concern about the perceived welfare of ‘bobby calves’, or male dairy calves. Globally there is also an intensified focus on environmental issues among consumers. Questions loom over the red-meat industry because of the highly reported level of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ruminant animals. Lastly, there is concern within the meat industry regarding the quality of dairy-bred beef.

With a number of large-scale projects underway that address the challenges highlighted above, dairy beef production is currently a topical area of research. This conference will provide a venue for the presentation and focal discussion of recent results from local and international scientists in relation to ‘dairy-beef’ production. It will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about innovative actions taking place to promote sustainability within the sector and contribute to the promotion of a viable industry for the future. 

*Please be aware that due to the on-going Covid-19 crisis, this event may be postponed until a later date.


Day 1- 13th October 2020
08:30-09:00 Registration opens at venue
09:00-09:45 Registration/ Networking morning reception

Opening of conference

Speaker: Prof. Gerry Boyle, Director of Teagasc

10:00-12:00 First Session- Global Dairy Calf to Beef Production systems

Chair: Dr Padraig French

Key note: TBC

(3 X 30 min talks + 10 min Q&A each)

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

Second session – Sustainable production: Environmental, Economic and Social Aspects

Chair: Dr Paul Crosson

Key note: TBC

(Keynote 35 min +10 min Q&A; 3 short talks 20 min +5 min Q&A each)

15:00-15:30 Refreshments/ afternoon coffee break

Third session – The influence of genetics on dairy beef systems

Chair: Prof Donagh Berry

Key note: TBC

(Keynote 35 min +10 min Q&A; 3 short talks 20 min +5 min Q&A each)

18:30-20:00 Poster session and pre-dinner wine reception
20:00-23:00 Conference banquet with poster session prize giving
Day 2- 14th October 2020

Fourth session – Calf nutrition: good start, good finish

Chair: Prof David Kenny

Key note: TBC

(Keynote 30 min +10 min Q&A; 3 short talks 17 min +3 min Q&A each)

10:15-10:45 Refreshments/coffee break

 Fifth session – Maintaining health & welfare of the dairy-bred animal

Chair: TBC

Key note: TBC

(Keynote 30 min +10 min Q&A, 3 short talks, 17 min +3 min Q&A each)


Close of conference

Speaker: Dr Frank O’Mara, Teagasc Head of Research

12:50-13:50 Lunch Break
14:00-18:00 Field Trip to Teagasc Grange Research Centre