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Dairy Calf to Beef Open Day

Event Time 11am
Venue Johnstown Castle Research Farm, Co. Wexford
DairyBEEF2019, a Dairy Calf to Beef Open Day, will take place on Tuesday, 21 May at Teagasc, Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford. 

This open day focusing on ‘Advancing Knowledge for an Evolving Industry’ will provide beef farmers and those involved in the beef industry with the opportunity to view and discuss the latest developments in the beef industry which will help you to increase the sustainability of your farm business and equip you to cope with future challenges.

There will be four villages to visit on the day.  Visit each village and learn about the impact of genetics on the sustainability of dairy beef production; hear an economic evaluation of dairy calf to beef production systems; learn how you can improve farm efficiency through sustainable grass production practices; find out how to optimise animal health, and ways to ensure the success of your calf rearing enterprise.

Click on the village for more information:

Systems & Economics Village

  • Profitable dairy-beef production systems
    Padraig French, Teagasc Moorepark
  • Dairy-beef performance under three stocking rate intensities
    Wayne Hayes, Teagasc Johnstown Castle
  • Optimum early-maturing calf to beef systems
    Rob Prendiville, Teagasc Grange
  • Production of spring born Holstein/Friesian steers
    Eddie O’Riordan, Teagasc Grange

This village will include the Teagasc/ GreenAcres Calf to Beef programme, where Pearse Kelly will outline the key lessons learnt from Phase 1 of the Programme and David Argue will outline Phase 2 of the Programme. 

Genetics Village

  • A dairy beef index (DBI) to rank beef bulls on profitability for use on dairy females
    Noirin McHugh, Teagasc
  • Genetics can increase the profitability of a dairy beef system
    Stephen Connolly, ABP/Teagasc
  • Genetic variability in beef merit of dairy cows
    Alan Twomey, Teagasc Moorepark
  • Relationship between a sire's terminal index and the performance of beef progeny from the dairy herd during the finishing period
    Stephen Conroy, ICBF
  • The Gene Ireland Dairy Beef Breeding Programme
    Ciaran Costello, ICBF
  • Genetics of carcass retail cut weights
    Michelle Judge, Teagasc
  • High vs Low terminal index
    Donal Fahey, Teagasc Grange

Calf Rearing/Calf Health Village

  • Tackling the issue of antimicrobial resistance
    Caroline Garvan/Julie Boltan
  • Performance - Rearing Period & First Grazing Season
    Ruth Fennell & John Barry, Teagasc 
  • Nutritional management of dairy bred beef calves
    David Kenny, Teagasc Grange
  • Calf Housing
    Tom Fallon, Teagasc Kildalton
  • Health of Dairy bred calves
    Aidan Murray, Teagasc Grange
  • Calf disbudding and castration – welfare implications
    Bernadette Earley, Teagasc Grange
  • Widespread anthelmintic resistance on dairy calf to beef farms 
    Orla Keane, Teagasc Grange
  • Factors to consider when buying calves
    Sean Cummins, Teagasc Kildalton

Grassland Village

  • Growing your potential: Grass-to-Beef
    Nicky Byrne, Teagasc Grange
  • Quality silage in calf to beef systems: importance of getting it right
    Brian Garry, Teagasc
  • Gaseous losses to the atmosphere
    Dominika Krol, Teagasc
  • Efficient use of cattle slurry
    David Wall, Teagasc
  • Grassland P&K planning on drystock farms
    Mark Plunkett, Teagasc
  • Choosing the correct varieties to drive paddock performance
    Tomas Turbitt, Teagasc
  • Farmland habitats will be an increasing important component of sustainability assessment
    John Finn/Daire OhUallachain, Teagasc Johnstown Castle
  • Multi-species mixtures increase yield stability: research from Johnstown Castle
    Guylain Grange/Saoirse Cummins, Teagasc 
  • Grass10 - Beef Grassland Farmer of the Year - take home messages
    John Watchorn, Fergus Bogue, Teagasc 
  • Pre-grazing yield demonstration
    John Maher, Teagasc
  • Land drainage design in Ireland
    Pat Tuohy, Teagasc
  • Protected urea for maintaining yield with lower emissions
    Patrick Forristal, Teagasc
  • Assessing and monitoring soil quality in Irish grassland soils
    Giulia Bondi, Fiona Brennan, Teagasc
  • Water quality and sustainability
    Eddie Burgess, Ian Fox, Teagasc
  • Nutri2cycle - recycling based fertiliser usage
    SM Ashekuzzaman, Teagasc
  • Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by improved pH management of soils (MAGGE-pH)
    Karl Richards & Ognjen Zurovec, Teagasc

This village will also include a section on silage closing dates, with a demonstration and talk by Brian Garry. In addition, David Wall will be covering slurry applications, with a comprehensive demonstration.

KT Approved event for Beef & Dairy