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Farm Business Options Webinar - Value added food production in the Kerry/Limerick Region

Event Time 11am
Venue Online
A weekly webinar, ‘Farm Business Options’, will feature news, views and interviews on current topics relevant to farm business diversification in Irish Agriculture.

This webinar on Tuesday, 2nd February at 11am will focus on:

Value added food production in the Kerry/Limerick Region

Farmers often ask the question ‘how can I make more money from the food produced on my farm?’. In this webinar, host Padraig Fitzgerald, Teagasc Kerry/Limerick will be talking to two farmers who did just that. They will give an insight into why they diversified into adding extra value to their food and how they did it. The panel will also be looking at the steps of how to diversify your farm and the supports that are available to farmers. 

Webinar host, Padraig Fitzgerald, Teagasc Kerry/Limerick will facilitate this webinar and a panel discussion with:

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