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Let's Talk Cattle - Breeding Efficiency into the Irish Suckler Herd

Event Time 8pm
Venue Online
Let's Talk Cattle webinar focusing on Breeding Efficiency into the Irish Suckler Herd.


This episode of the Let's Talk Cattle Series taking place on Thursday, April 22nd at 8pm focuses on Breeding Efficiency into the Irish Suckler Herd

Alan Dillon, Teagasc Cattle Specialist will be joined by Andrew Cromie from ICBF who will outline the major conclusions that have been gathered from the BDGP scheme.

BDGP has run for the previous 6 years and with the extension for 2021 recently announced, it will be interesting to hear how the scheme as brought about positive developments in the efficiency of our suckler herds. Andrew will show how the Eurostar index influences the maternal performance and slaughter performance of the suckler herds nationally.

Andrew will also outline some of the results from data generated through the BEEP-S scheme in terms of weanling performance and will discuss how carbon efficient our suckler herd is and how schemes such as BDGP can help improve our carbon efficiency in the future.