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Multi Stakeholder Workshop Sustainable intensification (SI) – What are the factors that influence achievement of SI from farm to fork?

Event Time 09.00
Venue Whites Clayton Hotel, Wexford

What is Sustainable Intensification?

As global food demand increases there is high pressure on agriculture to intensify production. At the same time, there is increasing limitation of resources (e.g. land) and concerns for the negative environmental impact of intensification.

Sustainable intensification (SI) refers to the ability of a system to intensify its production and at the same time have the ability to maintain its self in the future using existing resources. In practice the sustainable intensification of farming involves simultaneously increasing farm output and competitiveness, whilst protecting the countryside and enhancing the environment.

Indicators are measurable attributes of a system that are related to its sustainable intensification. They are statistical constructs which reveal trends in data and can provide warnings of potential economic, social or environmental damage.

For the purposes of this workshop we have selected nine indicators for the Environmental, Social and Economic Pillars of Sustainability based on Irish and international literature. Each indicator has an associated metric to measure its success. The selected indicators are considered appropriate for annual crops’ and pasture based systems (livestock, arable, potatoes, vegetables etc.)

See conference brochure below for further information and regsitration information

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