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Pig Research Dissemination Day 2019

Event Time 2pm to 5pm
Venue Cavan Crystal Hotel


JY Chou Entail: strategies to control tail biting in pigs on fully-slatted floor
K O’Driscoll PigNoDock: Development and implementation of a tail biting risk assessment tool on commercial pig farm
H Rooney Optipig: Optimising annual sow output by increasing the number of viable piglets born alive and reducing pre-weaning mortality through nutritional management of the sow
F O’Meara WetFeed: Strategies to improve the microbial quality of liquid feed and optimise growth in grow-finisher pigs
O Kinane Farrman: Investigation of the effects of free farrowing crates on sow and piglet behaviour and welfare
JA Calderón Díaz TPPM: Using the Teagasc Pig Production Model as an investment decision tool
L Boyle PLFPigCarc: Optimizing feedback of computerized meat inspection findings and Precision Livestock Farming tools on farm to improve pig health, welfare and carcass quality
D Piazuelo ExcludeMRSA: Preventing transmission of MRSA from pigs to humans through competitive exclusion
L O’Neill AMURAP: Antimicrobial resistance in Irish Pig production
EG Manzanilla SWAB & Safefood: The role of social sciences in biosecurity, welfare and AMU
EG Manzanilla PigFeed: New feeding programs and facilities for Irish finishing pigs