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Shinagh Dairy Farm Open Day

Event Time -
Venue Shinagh Dairy Farm
Sustaining excellent performance – facing up to the challenges ahead

Key topics for the day:

  1. Financial performance in a difficult weather year and dealing with fodder deficits.
  2. Achieving excellent technical performance while protecting & enhancing our environment
  3. Making our dairy farms attractive places to work – ensuring we have suitably skilled & trained people to manage & operate our farm
  4. Enhancing our social licence to produce milk in profitable grass based systems- good animal welfare key to sustaining our performance

The open day will consist of a combination of both workshop style interaction groups and presentations. It is planned to run two sessions on the day. Session 1 will commence at 10.30 and session 2 will commence at 2.00pm. Anyone who is attending needs to be on the farm before either of these times to join a session.