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Teagasc Research Insights Webinar - Macro to Micro: Food Structure, Digestion and the Microbiome

Event Time 9:30am
Venue Online
The first of two Teagasc Research Insights Webinars focusing on food.

What is your gut feeling about food?

Have you ever wondered how your food is digested and what role your gut bacteria play in maintaining your health?  Join Teagasc researchers on two webinars where they will be discussing the digestion process and the latest research on the impact your choice of food can have on your health and lifestyle.

This webinar will focus on:

Macro to Micro: Food Structure, Digestion and the Microbiome

From macronutrients to microorganisms, how is our food structured and how do we (and our microbes) break it down? Join Teagasc researchers on this webinar to learn about using microscopy to study food structure, the journey of food through the digestive system and the bacteria that play a significant role in our health and wellbeing.




Muireann Egan,

Research Officer,

Laura Gómez-Mascaraque

Research Officer,


André Brodkorb

Research Officer,

Ciara O'Donovan

Research Officer,

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