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Virtual Beef Week - Dairy Calf to Beef Production

Event Time All Day
Venue Online
A week long stream of videos, webinars and live events

Teagasc are holding a ‘Virtual Beef Week’ from Monday 6th to Friday 10th July, to communicate the latest research results relevant to beef farmers.

‘Building a Sustainable Irish Beef Sector’ is the theme for this virtual beef week, which will involve two webinars each day from Monday to Friday. This will be accompanied by a continuous stream of content through social media platforms. The Teagasc Virtual beef week is kindly sponsored by FBD Trust.

The Virtual Beef Week replaces the planned major Teagasc BEEF Open Day, Beef 2020 which was due to take place on 7th July at the Teagasc Animal and Grassland research and innovation centre, Grange, county Meath. Instead farmers will have the opportunity to access the latest research and knowledge through their mobile phone, laptop or tablet.


12pm -  Beef Talk

Tuesday morning’s Teagasc Beef Talk webinar will focus on the Grange dairy calf-to-beef system study and the key components that are helping achieve high performance.

Donall Fahy will discuss the management of the calf-to-beef herd and how it has performed to date.

Bernadette Earley will highlight the major disease and welfare challenges faced across calf-to-beef systems.

Alan Dillon will outline the components which are working on-farm and helping farmers in the Green Acres programme increase efficiency. 

View the Beef Talk webinar on Tuesday at 12pm on Teagasc Facebook

7pm  Live@Grange

The live panel discussion from Teagasc Grange at 7pm will have a focus on calf selection.

Siobhan Ring of the ICBF will discuss the tools available like the Dairy Beef Index and how they can be effectively used by dairy and beef farmers.

A feature video will focus on the Long brothers, Richard, Michael and Liam, who operate independent dairy and beef enterprises, but who have taken an integrated approach by selecting beef sires that satisfy the needs of both farm systems and which provides a guaranteed route to market for calves.

Nicky Byrne will discuss different calf-to-beef systems and how to select the most appropriate for your farm. 

Aidan McGuire, a participant in the Teagasc Green Acres calf to beef programme, will discuss his farm system and why he has chosen the system.

Sean Cummins, Teagasc, will discuss lifetime liveweight target for calf-to-beef systems and will provide an update on the animal performance from the Green Acres programme.

Join the livestream each evening at 7pm on www.teagasc.ie/virtualbeefweek

Social Media

Stay tuned to our social media channels throughout the day or search #VirtualBeefWeek.  We’ll be dedicating this week to Teagasc Beef and will be posting videos and updates throughout each day

On Tuesday, watch our social media channels and Teagasc Daily for videos and information on;

  • National statistics from the dairy beef herd
  • Selecting beef sires for use on the dairy herd
  • Herd health planning
  • Grassland management
  • Optimum stocking rate
  • Purchasing dairy beef calves
  • Lessons learned from the Green Acres programme