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Virtual Sheep Week - Monday

Event Time 7.00pm
Venue Online - Tune in at www.teagasc.ie/virtualsheepweek
A week long stream of videos, webinars and live events from the Virtual Sheep Week 2020. Building a sustainable Irish Sheep Sector.

The theme of Virtual Sheep Week for Monday is Grassland Management for Sheep


Webinar at 7.00pm.
Moderator for the webinar is Damian Costello - Teagasc Sheep Specialist. He will be joined by guest speakers:

  • Philip Creighton, Teagasc
  • Micheál O'Leary, Teagasc and
  • John O'Connell, Farmer

Philip Creighton will give an update on the current grassland research work on-going in Athenry focusing on the impact of incorporating white clover and other companion forages into sheep grazed swards on the productivity of pasture-based lamb production systems with special focus on the animal, environmental and economic impacts.

Micheal O’Leary will go through the benefits and features of using Pasturebase Ireland, an online grassland management programme. Pasturebase allows farmers to keep track of grass growth per paddock, the number of grazings per paddock and the quantity of grass being consumed at each grazing. Grass measuring and budgeting highlights poor-performing paddocks and aids grazing management decisions.

John O’Connell is a Teagasc sheep BETTER farmer and current Sheep Grassland Farmer of the Year from Co Leitrim. John will outline how he has applied the latest grassland management technologies on his farm including:  changes to grazing management practices, creating more paddocks, measuring grass and putting an autumn grazing plan in place.

Social Media 

Throughout the day we will be releasing, on social media and other platforms, a series of video clips and technical articles covering areas such as:

  • Fencing options for sheep
  • Grassland management targets to improve sward quality and animal performance
  • Making high quality Silage
  • Improving Soil fertility
  • Role of white clover and other companion forages in sheep systems
  • Autumn grassland management with a focus on having a closing plan
  • Grassland measurement and budgeting, its role and benefits
  • Health and safety concerns when working with sheep

Get more information on Virtual Sheep Week here