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World Potato Congress Webinar: Potato Variety Development in Ireland, Historical Perspectives and Future Challenges

Event Time 2pm
Venue Online

Potato is often considered synonymous with Ireland due to the great Irish Famine and still remains the most important food crop in Ireland. The area of potato grown in Ireland peaked at an estimated 800,000 ha in 1845 and following a brief recovery in the 1850’s has continually declined due to change in use of produce, declining consumption and population, better agronomy and higher yielding varieties. Variety development has continually taken place in Ireland over this time frame.

The market in Ireland is now dominated by the variety Rooster released from the Teagasc /IPM Potato group breeding programme. Like all potato growing nations the future will bring many challenges. Markets will continue to change, consumers will demand more sustainable produce and climate change will bring many challenges.

This webinar on Friday, 25 February at 2pm (9am in Eastern Time US and Canada), features a presenation by Dr. Denis Griffin, Teagasc who will examine some of these challenges through a historical perspective unique to Ireland and outline how breeding and research can contribute to greater sustainability in the future.

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