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Teagasc and Tipperary Co-op Launch New Joint Programme

Following the success of the recently completed Joint Farm Advisory Programme, Teagasc and Tipperary Co-op launched a New Joint Programme on Tuesday 12th April on the Solohead Research Farm, Co. Tipperary. The New Programme will operate for a three year period (2011 to 2013). The main goal of the programme is to build upon the previous programmes and focus on improving Milk quality, Profitability and Animal Herd Health on the farms in the Tipperary Co-op’s catchment area. 

Announcing details of the Programme, Teagasc Advisory Regional Manager for Tipperary, Donal Mullane said: “This initiative will help dairy farmers to improve farm profit, by achieving more compact calving through greater use of AI and HerdPlus, improve grass utilisation on farms and ensure that milk of the highest quality is produced by the Milk Suppliers of Tipperary Co-op.”

Speaking at the launch, Chief executive of Tipperary Co-op, Ted O Connor said:    ”The New Joint Programme represents the Co-op’s continued commitment to promoting best practice in Milk Production and Herd Health Development. In setting up the programme we were very conscious of the future challenges and opportunities that will confront our Milk Suppliers. The phasing out of Milk Quota in 2015 presents Dairy Farmers with the first real opportunity to realise the potential of the Dairy Sector and fully utilise the advantage we have in our grass based production system. Therefore, it is very important that our Milk Suppliers will need access to the best advice and research that is available so they can apply this sensibly to their own business.” 

Chairman of Tipperary Co-op Matthew Quinlan said: “This is the fifth Joint Programme between Teagasc and Tipperary Co-op. The success of the previous programmes has stimulated a desire for the continuation of this partnership approach. Special appreciation is due to the farmers that made their farms available as Monitor Farms, to Teagasc and the Co-op personnel that operated in harmony to organise, advice and collect data, to all the Milk Suppliers who supported and participated and he encouraged them to continue their participation. In conclusion I have confidence that over the next three years further progress will be achieved to help the Milk Suppliers of Tipperary Co-Op to adjust to the challenges ahead. “

The new programme will consist of organised workshops; discussion groups – grass budgeting; three monitor farms; major farm walks on the monitor farms and on Solohead Research Farm, a three pronged mastitis control and prevention programme, with particular emphasis in Animal Healthcare and ongoing advisory service throughout the programme.