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17th International Nitrogen Workshop comes to Ireland

The 17th International Nitrogen Workshop will take place in Wexford from 26th to 29th June. This is first time the event will take place in the Republic of Ireland, bringing together over 300 scientists from 34 countries.

Organised by Teagasc and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland, this international conference will focus on innovative solutions for the sustainable use of nitrogen resources in farming.

Nitrogen is one of the key factors limiting global food production, with a high proportion of current food production being dependant on inputs of nitrogen fertilizers. The production of chemical nitrogen fertilisers uses 1% of global energy, but supports global food production. There is a potential conflict between providing more food and protecting the environment. The loss of reactive nitrogen has major impacts on global environmental quality via air and water pollution and is contributing to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.

In its 30th Year, the International Nitrogen Workshop continues to provide scientists, policy makers and agri-food stakeholders with a forum to discuss strategies for maximising the use of nitrogen resources. The 17th International Nitrogen Workshop will focus on recent innovations in sustainable nitrogen use. This workshop will highlight advances in nitrogen science and how newly developed molecular biology tools can be used to help improve crop nitrogen utilisation and reduce environmental losses.

Speaking in advance of the conference, the Workshop Chairman Dr Karl Richards said: “The focus of this year’s International Nitrogen Workshop is on scientific innovation on the sustainable use of nitrogen. Agricultural production is the main user of global reactive nitrogen and it is also the main source of nitrogen related emissions to the environment. The challenge for agriculture is to increase food production whilst minimising impacts and, indeed, enhancing environmental quality. Leading scientists from around the world will provide the latest cutting edge solutions for sustainable use of nitrogen.”

The 17th International Nitrogen Workshop will host over 300 scientists, policy makers and knowledge transfer specialists from over 34 countries on 4 continents. The conference will showcase innovative research, supporting sustainable global food production.
The conference commences in the Wexford Opera House, Wexford, on Tuesday 26th at 19.00 and continues to Friday 29th June.