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“10 Things to Know About… Guts”

Teagasc researchers feature in tonight’s episode of “10 Things to Know About …” - a new science television series on RTÉ One. Transmission time is Monday 16th November at 8.30pm.

“Guts” – Is the Gut our Second Brain?

“A gut instinct…”, “misery guts”, “guts for garters”, “gut wrenching”; we’ve been obsessed with it for centuries, but increasing evidence proves a healthy gut plays a crucial role in a healthy body & mind. Many people now take probiotics with beneficial qualities, but it’s actually quite a challenge to get probiotics into our gut as most bacteria die in the acidic juices of our stomach. Teagasc’s Dr Andre Brodkorb swallows a microcam to show presenter Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin how the human digestive function works! Andre’s former PhD student Sinead Blieil started her own spin-out company AnaBio to develop and commercialise encapsulation for industries such as the Infant Formula Producers.

Sinead Blieil

Can our guts actually affect our brain? The link between food and mood!

Also, in this episode UCC’s John Cryan and Ted Dynan are truly world leaders in Microbiome research. Having proven direct links between mood and food, they’re now investigating which bacteria are key in this relationship and developing a range of psychobiotics (Mood controlling bacteria). Will doctors be prescribing psychobiotics in 10 years-time? And could microbiota transplants be used to treat a range of disorders, from Parkinson's disease to diabetes and even dementia?

Breast is best – but Ireland is one of the world leaders in the technology behind improving infant formula

Teagasc’s Dr Catherine Stanton discusses the recent study on the evolving gut microbiota of infants born at CUMH over the first two years of life, which has provided new opportunities for optimisation of infant milk formula composition, with appropriate new bioactive ingredients to effectively programme the early infant gut microbiota in a manner closer to mother’s milk.