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Teagasc Make Plans for Earlier Green Cert Deadline

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has confirmed that 2015 applicants for the National Reserve Scheme (NR) and Young Farmer Scheme (YFS) will need to enrol in a Green Cert, or equivalent programme before the end of 2015 to fulfil the scheme conditions. This requirement affects scheme applicants who have not already commenced an approved agricultural course.

Teagasc is now making arrangements to enrol all affected 2015 YFS/NR applicants who need to commence the Teagasc Green Cert before the year end. Teagasc estimates that there are in excess of 1,200 YFS/NR scheme applicants on Teagasc lists who will need to enrol by the end of the year. Preparations are being made to cater for this level of enrolment. Teagasc are advising those 2015 YFS/NR scheme applicants who are on Teagasc lists of the following;

  • The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is immediately writing to YFS/NR scheme applicants advising them of the immediate need to contact their education provider in regard to their education requirement.
  • Individuals enrolling in a Teagasc Green Cert course must complete a Teagasc course application form. Earlier this autumn, Teagasc sent out application forms to scheme applicants. Teagasc will now write again to those who have not yet returned an application form.
  • Teagasc’s college network and Advisory Regions are arranging course commencement sessions for mid-December. YFS/NR scheme applicants who have returned a completed course application form will be notified of the date/time/venue for the course that they will be assigned to.
  • Teagasc stress that due to the extraordinary level of pent up demand that Teagasc must accommodate, there is very limited flexibility in regard to course locations and schedules. It is vital therefore that 2015 YFS/NR scheme applicants accept course offers as they arise. It will not be possible for Teagasc to defer enrolment offers to a later date.
  • It is important to point out that Teagasc’s role in addressing this situation is solely as an education provider. As a nationally accredited education provider Teagasc must adhere to quality assurance and legal requirements applying to education providers.
  • The standard student contribution charges for the Teagasc Green Cert will apply. Teagasc colleges and advisory regions will advise on the details of course charge arrangements.

Demand for the Teagasc adult Green Cert programme has dramatically increased over the past year. The demand on hand is over 10 times the normal annual level of demand. Since January 2015, in the region of 5,500 people have lodged an expression of interest in the Teagasc Green Cert course. Teagasc, despite significant resource pressures, has responded positively and flexibly to the huge increase in demand. Since late 2014 Teagasc has enrolled in the region of 2,400 learners in adult Green Cert programmes.

With the earlier start for Green Cert deadline for YFS/NR applicants that is now arising, Teagasc will have enrolled 3,600 adult Green Cert learners from late 2014 to December 2015. This is an extraordinary achievement for any education provider. Teagasc are working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in order to secure additional temporary staff to facilitate the required enrolment of 2015 YFS/NR applicants by the year end.