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Pieta House and Teagasc’s garden at Bloom

Derry Clarke, Hannah Tyrrell and Nikki Hayes plant their hopes on Pieta House and Teagasc’s garden at Bloom

Celebrity chef Derry Clarke, rugby player Hannah Tyrrell and broadcaster Nikki Hayes joined forces at Bloom in the Phoenix Park today to launch the Teagasc/Pieta House ‘Garden of Hope’.

The garden provides a peaceful space for spiritual renewal, reflection and ease. A sense of intimacy is enhanced by the circular format used throughout. A fusion of planting, sophisticated colours and changing water flow creates an uplifting space in which to pause and reflect.

Darkness into Light, the Pieta House flagship awareness event, is represented through the colour scheme of the planting.

Teagasc designers, Laura Cassin, Louise Jones and Linda Murphy combined their talents to come up with the design and enlisted the expert help of Teagasc landscape construction specialist Paddy Smith and horticultural staff and students from across the organisation to deliver the garden.

The sculpture featured in the centre of the Garden of Hope is titled ‘Light of Hope’ and symbolises the journey from darkness and despair to the light of hope and healing. It was created by artist Michele Hannan.

Following Bloom, a modified design of the garden will move to a permanent home at a Pieta House centre.

Pieta House offers free counselling to anyone in suicidal crisis, those who are engaging in self-harm or people who have been bereaved by suicide. More than 30,000 people have been through the doors of Pieta House centres across Ireland since 2006.

Pieta House CEO Brian Higgins said, “The Teagasc/Pieta House ‘Garden of Hope’ is a perfect reflection of the journey that our clients take from darkness into light.

“We are so struck by the beauty and the poignancy of this garden and so proud of our partnership with Teagasc and grateful for this wonderful Garden of Hope. I’d like to thank the entire Teagasc team for their incredible work in the past few weeks to create this beautiful space.

“For Pieta House, it’s so fitting that the darker outer garden leads to the light inner garden, bringing you from darkness into light and leading you to the Light to Hope sculpture.

“Just as the Phoenix Park is an oasis of calm in our bustling capital, our Garden of Hope is a similarly calm and quiet space among the multitude of people enjoying this fantastic festival.

“We hope that this garden creates an uplifting space for people to stop and reflect.
They say that from the mouths of babes comes truth and it’s so moving to see a quote from one of the children who took part in one of our Darkness Into Light walks featuring in the Garden of Hope – ‘It gets brighter with every step I take’. That’s advice that we could all do well to heed.”

Dermot Callaghan, Head of the Teagasc Horticulture Development Department said, ”we are delighted to be working with Pieta House to develop and show this wonderful garden at Bloom 2017. Over the coming days, we hope people will take time to visit the ‘Garden of Hope’ and talk to, and engage with my colleagues in both Teagasc and Pieta House.”

John Mulhern, Principal at the Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin said; ” In addition to the Bloom show garden, Teagasc Horticulture will be exhibiting in the floral pavilion. Come and along and talk to my colleagues about the opportunities in horticulture, the education courses available at the College of Amenity Horticulture at the National Botanic Gardens and in Kildaton, and about the research and advisory work being done in the horticultural sector.”

Teagasc, in association with Pieta House, are delighted to be exhibiting this show garden for the first time at Bloom in the Park.

Bloom garden