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Agricultural Catchments Programme working with Irish Farmers

Irish farmers are working with the Teagasc run Agricultural Catchments Programme to maintain and improve water quality. A new series of videos is being released, featuring some of the farmers and highlighting the practices they have adopted to ensure they farm in harmony with the environment.

Agricultural Catchments Programme working with Irish Farmers
Edward O’Malley, a beef farmer near Ardee, County Louth

The first of these videos is published today with more released in the next few months.

Farmers have played a key role in the Agricultural Catchments Programme (ACP) here in Ireland for many years. There are over 300 farming families participating in this Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) funded project. The ACP is comprised of 6 catchments, or areas drained by a spring or stream, where farming is the main land use. These catchments are located in different parts of the country and are representative of the main farming systems across Ireland.

ACP manager, Edward Burgess, said: “The ACP is a combined research and advisory programme investigating the impact of agriculture and water quality. Its success is dependent on the cooperation of the 300 plus farmers in the catchments and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

A series of six videos are scheduled to be released that give a thorough look at how farmers in Ireland are using the ACP to improve their land management, water usage and quality, and overall productivity. Four videos will focus on different Irish farmers and how they work with the ACP to benefit their land and water, and prepare it for future generations. The remaining videos will focus on the integrated team of researchers, advisors and technicians that make up the ACP, and its collaboration with other organisations.

The first video will be released through various Teagasc social media platforms today, Friday, 1 June, and the other 5 videos will be released periodically throughout the next few months. The first video will showcase Edward O’Malley; a beef farmer near Ardee, County Louth. Edward speaks about his one hundred cow suckler-to-beef operation, and his involvement in the Dunleer catchment programme. He works with the ACP to ensure that he is doing everything he can to continuously maintain and improve his farm. This involves a range of sampling such as soil testing and access to information emerging from this programme through its team of advisors and researchers.

”We hope to be able to hand it on to the next generation a little bit better again than what it was.  And working with Teagasc and the agricultural catchments and using knowledge in the best possible way, we should actually achieve that,” said Edward O’Malley.

The ACP hopes that these videos will allow the audience to gradually and effectively learn about the partnership of the ACP with Irish farmers. The ACP thanks everyone, especially the O’Malley’s for being the first to participate in this video.

“I really want to emphasize how important it is to have the goodwill of the farmers managing the land, and how grateful we are to them,” said Edward Burgess.

For more information on the ACP visit the website, and find them on their various social media platforms including Twitter and YouTube.