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Cork city is getting ready to host its first European Researchers’ Night called Cork Discovers, tomorrow, Friday, 28th September. An international team of researchers will host a programme of free, interactive and entertaining events to demonstrate what they do for society. The event is a collaboration between University College Cork, Teagasc, Cork City Council and UCC Academy and features research from UCC, Teagasc and Cork Institution of Technology.

With over 40 fun events taking place in venues across Cork city, there will be something for everyone.

In the Western Gateway Building in UCC, Teagasc researchers will invite the public to Explore Inside Food using virtual reality, learn what makes the Perfect Crisp and investigate the Evolution of Food Crops over thousands of years, plus lots more. In the Old Oak Pub, Teagasc researchers will also host a special Cork Discovers PubhD event, where three PhD students from different backgrounds will explain their research in a relaxed setting under the banner “Milk, Mammies and Global Warming”.

These events are part of a diverse programme bringing the public into the fascinating world of research, on topics ranging from Archaeology to Zoology: 

  • UCC’s Western Gateway Building will host an open night with an exhibition and over 20 demos, talks and workshops. Learn how to extract DNA from a banana, use chemistry to solve the crime, or reflect on languages, identities and cultural exchange in multilingual Ireland.
  • You can explore Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century at Nano Nagle Place. Help researchers build a 3-D model of a Star Wars set and make your own personalised gift to take home. Listen closely and find out what Cork’s North and South Main Street sounded like in the 1900s. Or for the art lovers amongst us, learn about Nanotechnology and Art.
  • A collection of researchers in Blackrock Observatory will invite participants to ponder how artificial intelligence will challenge the way we currently see the world, while others will urge you to consider whether memories can really be trusted.
  • Cork Public Museum will explore what prehistoric people ate, how they made their clothes and prepared their food. Those who attend will even get to try the products of a butter churning demonstration with prehistoric-style bread !
  • Did you know that there is a Global Water Dance planned for June 2019 ? Find out more at The Glucksman. Or if drama is more your thing, join a Youth Theatre workshop.

The Cork Discovers event is part of European Researchers’ Night (ERN) which will run across 27 countries on the 28th of September. The rapid growth of this initiative sees ERN coming to Cork this year for the first time ever. Science communication and outreach is a hugely important activity for Teagasc. According to Teagasc Director of Research,   Professor Frank O’Mara; “Cork Discovers is an ideal platform for Teagasc researchers to showcase their work and to demonstrate the value and impact of publicly funded research to a wide audience. By allowing the public to step into researchers’ shoes, we also hope to inspire the next generation of researchers in Ireland.”

The full event programme and the latest information is available on the website www.CorkDiscovers.org. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 818789.