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Teagasc Virtual Sheep Week

Daily updates showcasing the on-going research and advisory work in the areas of grassland, genetic improvement, flock health, hill sheep, as well as information on environmental and policy issues will be provided on multiple online platforms.

Teagasc Virtual Sheep Week

The best technical information to assist sheep producers with their farming enterprise will be covered

Teagasc is hosting a Virtual Sheep Week from 21 – 25 September to provide all the latest research and advice available to sheep producers around Ireland. Full details of what is happening each day are available at www.teagasc.ie/virtualsheepweek.

Each evening from 7.00pm-8.00pm, there will be a live webinar - Live@Athenry - focusing on the topic of the day. Visit Teagasc Facebook or www.teagasc.ie/virtualsheepweek each evening to watch.

Each day is themed as follows:

Speaking in advance of the virtual sheep week, Professor Michael Diskin, Teagasc Sheep Enterprise Leader, said: “The best technical information to assist sheep producers with their farming enterprise will be covered. We will look at how good grassland management can supply high quality digestible pastures to the grazing ewes and their lambs. We will explore how improving genetics can improve the performance of the animals in the flock. The importance of maintaining high flock health status will be highlighted and how it’s critical to achieving high animal welfare standards, high levels of animal performance and high profitability in lamb production systems.”

He said; “Hill sheep farming is carried out on a diverse range of land quality and farming systems and plays a vital role in the Irish agriculture and also in the maintenance of delicate landscapes. Finally on the last day of the Virtual Sheep week we will discuss the likely policy changes and the important role that sheep farming plays in marinating the natural environment.”

In addition to the one hour Live@Athenry online event each evening, there will be regular updates throughout each day on Teagasc Social Media channels. Follow the week’s activities with #VirtualSheepWeek on Teagasc social media channels – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram to see the research outputs and get the latest advice from the Teagasc sheep programme in Athenry. 

This Virtual Sheep Week is highly relevant to all sheep producers.