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Winners of Teagasc “Vision of Research and Innovation” image Competition

The winners of the fifth annual Teagasc “Vision of Research and Innovation” image competition have been announced. The competition was open to all Teagasc staff and students, inviting them to submit digital images created in the course of their work, with the aim of finding the most innovative and compelling images showing the range of research and innovation activities taking place across Teagasc.

Winners of Teagasc “Vision of Research and Innovation” image Competition

The overall winner was Dheeraj Rathore’s image “Speed up the generations” taken as part of a Horizon2020-funded Marie Curie Action Fellowship GSAS-Genomic Strategies Against STB disease of wheat. The image shows 'speed breeding', which shortens the breeding cycle by growing plants under LED’s for extended photoperiods (plant's daily exposure to light).

A total of 93 entries were received and winners were selected. The winning images were:

  • “Seaweed Process” by Xianglu Zhu;
  • “Droplets” by Brian McGuinness and Farhana Afroze;
  • “Golden Dusk” by Peter Doyle;
  • “To Cheesinfinity and Beyond” by Antonio A. Lourenco;
  • “We are what we eat” by Daniela Frietas; Laura G. Gomez-  Mascaraque, and André Brodkorb;
  • “Mushroom” by Ankit Singh, Dr. Carloalberto Petti and Dr. Helen Grogan;
  • “Naptime” by Orla Kinane;
  • “Multispecies Sward Biodiversity” by Michelle Liddane and Ciaran Hearn;
  • “Blow Me Away” by Fiona Hutton;
  • “Rural Fabric on the Horizon” by Anne Kinsella;
  • “Fifty shades of green” by Guylain Grange (drone footage by Luis Lopez-Sangil).

A video of the winning images was produced as part of the ‘Festival of Farming and Food – SFI Science Week at Teagasc’.  Video and images can be viewed on this link https://www.teagasc.ie/about/research--innovation/visions-of-research/

Teagasc Director, Professor Gerry Boyle congratulated the winners while noting the high quality of all entries and expressed his thanks to the judges for their care and attention to detail in selecting the winning images.

Speaking about the competition, Professor Frank O’Mara, Teagasc’s Director of Research, said: “The competition continues to be an excellent showcase of the fine work being performed by Teagasc’s research and innovation staff. The diversity of the entries provides a fascinating window into the varied research being undertaken by Teagasc.”

This year’s competition was judged by a panel of judges comprising Jim Carroll, (RTÉ, editor of RTÉ Brainstorm); Tony Byrne (Designer, Think Media); and Catriona Boyle (Teagasc, editor of TResearch magazine). Selected images are used to promote Teagasc research.

The next “Vision of Research and Innovation” image competition launches in May 2021 and will close in September 2021.

Winning Image

Speed up the generations” by Dheeraj Rathore was the overall winner of the Teagasc Vision of Research and Innovation Competition 2020.