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The Teagasc Beef Edge Podcast celebrates 100th episode

The Teagasc Beef Edge Podcast released its 100th episode today, Wednesday, 22 December, featuring Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie Mc Conalogue TD. In the last year over 30,000 farmers have tuned in to the Beef Edge Podcast to hear timely technical information and the latest research and advice from Teagasc and industry stakeholders.

Presented by Teagasc Beef Specialist Catherine Egan, the podcasts cover the latest news, information and advice to improve beef farm performance.

On review of meeting farmers at the recent Common Agricultural Policy consultations, Minister Charlie McConologue commented; ‘It is clear to me from speaking to beef farmers, to all farmers they are really invested in working towards a more sustainable sector, both for their families and wider communities, which is one of the core objectives of the next CAP. I also got a very strong message from farmers that they want to be part of the solution and very much see themselves as part of that solution too and meeting the wider climate challenge, and it’s crucial that they are supported in their efforts now to do this robustly as possible over the course of the next CAP. The next CAP is very much designed to do that, I think. It’s clear to me that farmers want to play their part in the climate challenge and they want me to back them in doing that and that’s exactly what I will be doing.’  

The Minister said that beef farmers will be supported in the next CAP ‘The core support proposed for beef farmers is the Suckler Carbon Efficiency Scheme which will build on the work of the BDGP which came before it and also elements of BEEP-S and beef schemes to help drive the environmental and productivity efficiency on farms. It will deliver €150 per cow on the first 10 cows, as opposed to the €90 per cow in the first 10 under the BDGP.’

In relation to the recent approval of PGI status the Minister stated; ‘One benefit will be bolstering of the competitive advantage. Having the PGI status can be expected to open doors for Ireland in reference to diversifying and enhanced market access and doors that were previously closed.’ He added; ‘I think this PGI status will be something that will give us greater capacity to do that and advertise Ireland as a world leading producer of quality Beef and one that we can advertise in a way that consumers will be at the front of consumers’ minds whenever they think of Irish beef and more importantly whenever they go to consume quality beef.’

Podcasts are free audio shows that anyone with an iPhone, Android phone or computer can listen to, anywhere and at any time. The Beef Edge Podcast has had regular updates in relation to grassland management, making quality silage and efficient fertiliser use.  Key breeding tips, selecting a stock bull and selecting AI sires have also been discussed on previous podcast episodes. Animal health topics such as parasite control have been discussed at the appropriate times. The 100 episodes have featured a wide variety of guests from farmers operating different systems across the country to Teagasc advisors, researchers and specialists along with a range of industry stakeholders.

Celebrating the 100th episode, host of the Beef Edge Podcast, Catherine Egan said; ‘It is great to release the 100th episode today. There has been great interest among cattle farmers and people in the sector, in listening to the podcast. Teagasc advisors and education staff have been busy promoting the podcast to their clients and students. I would like to thank all the farmers, Teagasc staff and industry stakeholders for featuring in the podcast episodes. I’m looking forward to discussing more informational and insightful topics in the coming year for the listeners’.

Teagasc offer a full suite of Podcasts such as the Dairy Edge, OviCast, the Pig Edge, the Tillage Edge, and the Environment Edge, which can be accessed on the website www.teagasc.ie/podcasts.

Catch up on all the interviews from the Beef Edge Podcast on the Teagasc website at www.teagasc.ie/thebeefedge, or you can listen on Apple and Google podcasts, as well as Spotify. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss a show.