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Teagasc Highlight Farm Diversification Opportunities

Farm Diversification is the establishment of a new enterprise on a farm. The term usually used when considering a non-agricultural or novel enterprise. Many farmers and rural dwellers are interested in diversifying their farm enterprise and there are countless possibilities. Teagasc has produced a comprehensive body of information to help those interested, in trying to identify a realistic option that suits them, for generating additional household income.

Teagasc Highlight Farm Diversification Opportunities

A suite of 79 farm diversification factsheets have been published on the Teagasc website along with a suite of videos to provide information on a range of ideas and possible options for individuals to explore. Many farmers have already found success by diversifying into alternative enterprises. Teagasc run a weekly webinar every Tuesday at 11:00am called Farm Business Options, which provides detailed case studies from diversification champions around Ireland.

Barry Caslin, Teagasc Energy and Rural development specialist said: “Diversification may not be practicable for every farmer, but well planned and seasoned projects can create new sources of income for farmers, and can enhance the range of facilities available in Irelands’ rural areas. Our farm diversification factsheets compiled by Teagasc colleagues, cover a wide range of topics including: organics, food, equine, horticulture, poultry, renewable energy, goats, forestry and tourism. They are an excellent starting point for innovative rural dwellers to begin to find out more information on possible business options that might suit them.”

The factsheets and videos along with recorded and upcoming webinars can all be accessed from https://www.teagasc.ie/rural-economy/rural-development/diversification/

Past and planned Farm Business Options webinars at www.teagasc.ie/farmbusinessoptions

Head of the Teagasc Farm Management and Rural Development Department, Fintan Phelan said: “Niche opportunities exist for farmers to examine which could provide a diversified income stream, by utilising their existing resources and expertise. We would urge all those interested to start by gathering all available information on their topic of interest. The Teagasc factsheets area a good starting point and might help to stimulate the development of ideas that can lead to a diversified business.”