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Teagasc Food Innovation Gateways Online Event

“Innovative Drying – Technologies and Analytics for High Quality, Sustainable Products” is the theme of this year’s Teagasc Food Innovation Gateways event. Tune in on Tuesday, 26th October at 9.30 am to hear about the latest concepts and technologies available to support food and drink companies in the production of dried products.

This virtual event will present the latest concepts and innovations in drying technologies, as well as the capabilities of Teagasc in this area

Food Innovation Gateways is part of the Teagasc Food Technology and Knowledge Transfer Strategy to support Irish food companies. The Gateways initiative promotes opportunities for the Irish food industry to engage with Teagasc research. The subject of the next Gateways event is Innovative Drying – Technologies and Analytics for High Quality, Sustainable Products.

Novel food drying technologies have huge potential in food preservation, as the industry seeks to become more environmentally and economically sustainable. Such innovations offer possibilities for ingredient and product development, improved consistency of products and increased opportunities for export.

Eoin Murphy, researcher at Teagasc commented that “Drying is a key operation within the food industry allowing companies to create extended-shelf life materials for valorisation, often in overseas markets. It can, however, be associated with high energy costs, depending on the specific technology and conditions used. At the same time, a balance must be struck to ensure the correct approach is utilised to ensure product quality. This event will discuss technologies and analytical approaches which can help strike that balance.”

During the event, Teagasc researchers will present on industry relevant research and technologies that will support drying in the food and drink industry, including novel drying techniques, process analytical technologies, pilot plant facilities, powder analysis and powder rehydration.

The programme also includes national and international speakers from academia and industry. Professor Seamus O’Mahoney from the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork, who will discuss advanced analytics supporting drying innovation. Romain Jeantet (Agrocampus Ouest) and Gaelle Tanguay (INRAE) will present on “Novel technologies and approaches to drying”. Bogdan Zisu (Polar Air), Fabio Talamo (VOMM Technologies) and Blake Inglis (Enwave) will provide an industry perspective on the latest concepts in drying technologies.

This Gateways event will offer attendees the opportunity to hear from Teagasc food researchers and will promote opportunities for the food and drink industry to engage with Teagasc food research and access the know-how, expertise and infrastructure of the Teagasc Food Research Programme. Declan Troy, Interim Director of Research at Teagasc, ommented that food innovation has accelerated when there is this type of contact between research and industry at these events.

To register for this online Food Innovation Gateways event, visit https://www.teagasc.ie/news--events/national-events/events/food-innovation-gateways.php