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Webinar on the Role of Legumes in Reducing Fertilizer N Usage

The Farm to Fork Strategy in the EU Green Deal aims to lower fertilizer Nitrogen (N) use. Legumes can replace fertilizer N on farms, lowering greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions and improving water quality.

The third Legume Innovation and Networking Workshop will take place online on Wednesday, 3rd March, at 9.30am as an interactive webinar.

Speaking in advance of the webinar, James Humphreys, Teagasc researcher, and organiser of the webinar, said: “White and red clover, beans and other legumes will have an increasingly important role in the future of Irish agriculture. The ability of legumes to fix nitrogen and make it available for growing crops is key to sustainable agricultural systems in the years ahead. It will reduce our dependence on artificial fertilizer and reduce the emissions from the sector.”

Professor Bob Rees, SRUC, will discuss the UK’s ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and will consider the role of legumes and how they can be most effectively incorporated into farming systems to achieve net zero policy targets.

The other speakers are Elaine Leavy, Teagasc Organic Specialist, Michael Hennessy, Head of Teagasc Crops Knowledge Transfer Department and Dave Barry, General Manager with Goldcrop responsible for grass and forage crop seeds. They will discuss prospects for greater legume use on grassland, arable and organic farms.

More information and register for the webinar on 3 March here