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The Teagasc Environment Edge Podcast Celebrates Milestone of 50 Episodes

On the 50th episode of the Environment Edge Podcast, Teagasc Director Professor Frank O’ Mara outlines how Teagasc is focused on going the extra mile with its Climate Action Strategy 2022 – 2030. This is in response to meeting government 2030 targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

Scientists warn that without increases in ambition and action around climate change, warming will exceed 2°C by the end of the century, if not before. Urgent action is required. 

On the Podcast, Professor O’Mara discusses the 3 key pillars of the Teagasc Climate Action strategy which contain a new free Signpost Advisory Programme, a Sustainability Digital Platform and a Virtual Climate Research Centre.

Professor O’Mara said; ‘there is a huge willingness by farmers to take on board technologies and practice change that makes sense’. The Teagasc Signpost advisors will provide support to farmers in developing a personalised plan for their farm on a one-to-one basis and through farmer discussion groups. 

The Sustainability Digital Platform will be a decision making tool which an advisor can use for a farmer to calculate emissions from a farm and carbon sequestration on the farm. As this platform develops, it will track progress based on farm management actions taken by the farmer. 

Co-presenter of the Teagasc Environment Edge Podcast, Cathal Somers asked Professor O’Mara if the data collected would reflect the good work being carried out by farmers reducing emissions, and if this information could be used for the calculation of carbon credits in the future. Professor O’Mara replied; ‘The importance of having a robust, reliable and verifiable system for calculating the credits is going to be very important’.

Deirdre Glynn, co-presenter of the Environment Edge Podcast asked; ‘what happens if we don’t meet our climate targets’. Professor O’Mara replied that ‘pressure will come on to take additional, or remedial actions from government, if a sector is not meeting targets. However, at the end of the day if countries are not meeting emission targets, the world will continue to warm’.

The 50th episode of the Environment Edge Podcast also marks the launch of a new email address where listeners can contact the show to share their views and opinions, providing listeners with a chance to contribute. Contact the podcast presenters on TheEnvironmentEdgepodcast@teagasc.ie

You can listen to the Environment Edge Podcast on Apple and Google podcasts, as well as on Spotify. For more information go to the Teagasc website at https://www.teagasc.ie/news--events/daily/podcasts/ . This milestone podcast was released on Monday 6th of March 2023.