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Walsh Scholarship Abstracts 2009

11 November 2009
Type Event Proceeding

Walsh Scholarship Abstracts 2009

Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Location: RDS


Conference programme

09.20 Welcome by Dr. Tony Scott, President, RDS
09.30 Opening by Prof. Patrick Fottrell, Chairman of Research Committee, Teagasc Authority
Morning Session
Chair: Dr. Tony Scott, President, RDS
09.40 New rapid sample preparation approach for veterinary drug residue analysis
Brian Kinsella
Supervisors: Dr. A. Furey,CIT, Prof S. Lehotay, USDA, Dr. M. Danaher, Ashtown Food Research Centre
09.55 Quality evaluation of pre-sliced pork and turkey hams on image and colour and textural features
Abdullah Iqbal
Supervisors: Prof. Da-Wen Sun, UCD and Dr. P. Allen, Ashtown Food Research Centre
10.10 Biocontrol of Escherichia coli O157:H7: Evaluation of two anti-E coli O157:H7 Bacteriophage in the cattle rumen
Brid Coffey
Supervisors: Dr. A. Coffey, CIT, Prof P. Ross and Dr. O. McAuliffe, Moorepark Food Research Centre; Dr. L. Rivas, Dr M.J. McDonnell and Dr. G. Duffy, Ashtown Food Research Centre
10.25 Effect of buttermilk samples produced under different conditions on growth of SW480 human colon cancer cells and FHC human colon normal mucosa cells.
Anna Kutcha
Supervisors: Dr R. Devery, DCU; Dr B.Murray, Dr C. Stanton and Dr. P. Kelly, Moorepark Food Research Centre
10.40 Introduction to Posters
10.50 Tea/Coffee & Poster Viewing
11.45 Effects of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid on bovine endometrial gene expression
Gerard Coyne
Supervisors: Dr D.A. Kenny, UCD; Dr. D.G. Morris, Animal Production Centre, Athenry; and Dr. Sinead Waters, Animal Bioscience Centre.
12.00 Production, feed efficiency and grazing behaviour of Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and their F1 cross
Rob Prenderville
Supervisors: Dr. K. Pierce, UCD; Dr. F. Buckley, Moorepark Dairy Production Centre
12.15 A study of the somatic cell count (SCC) of Irish milk from herd management and environmental perspectives
Patrick Kelly
Supervisors: Prof. S.J. More, UCD; Dr. B. O’Brein and Dr. D. Berry, Moorepark Dairy Production Centre
12.30 Influence of increasing feed allowance for sows during gestation on skeletal muscle of offspring
Louise McNamara
Supervisors: Prof. N. Stickland, Royal Vet. College; P.G. Lawlor, Pig Production Development Unit, Moorepark; Dr. L. Giblin, Moorepark Food Research Centre.
12.45 Lunch
Afternoon Session
Chair: Mr. Jim Flanagan , Chairman, RDS Committee of Agriculture & Rural Affairs
13.45 GUEST SPEAKER: Ms. Damini Kumar, Programme Director of Product Design
European Ambassador of Creativity & Innovation, NUI Maynooth
damini_kumar_teagasc09 (195KB PDF Format)
14.15 The role of soil type and condition in the fate and transport of landspread microbial enteropatogens
Fiona Brennan
Supervisors: Prof. V. O’Flaherty NUIG; Dr. K. Richards, Johnstown Castle Research Centre.
14.30 Identifying and understand factors influencing the intention to convert to organic drystock farming
Doris Läpple
Supervisors: Dr. T. Van Rensburg, NUIG; Mr. T. Donnellan, Rural Economy Research Centre.
14.45 Sequence based characterisation of the Gpa4 locus conferring resistance to PCN in potato
Marialaura Destefanis,
Supervisors: Dr P. Jones, UCC; Dr. G. Bryan, SCRI: Dr D. Griffin and Dr. D. Milbourne, Oak Park Research Centre
15.00 Introduction to Posters
15.10 Reception
Concluding Session
Chair: Prof. Gerry Boyle, Director of Teagasc
15.40 Announcement of Award Winner by Judging Panel.
Presentation of RDS Medal, Teagasc prize and IOBI Certificates by Dr. Damini Kumar
16.10 Concluding remark (Prof. Gerry Boyle)


Walsh Scholarship Abstracts

View abstracts Final_Book_Abstracts_WF (1.9MB PDF Format)