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Teagasc Dairy Manual

01 November 2016
Type Book

A comprehensive manual for existing and potential dairy farmers. Please call 059-9170200 to order a copy of the manual. Mastercard/Visa/Laser accepted

The Teagasc Dairy Manual is designed to be a user-friendly source of practical information for anyone with an interest in the business of producing milk. It is certainly nota book where you start at the beginning and read through to the end. Dip into the contents to answer questions as they arise during the year.

The information is divided clearly into sections and chapters. Chapters are further divided into questions and answers on day-to-day and strategic issues. Don’t forget to make use of the index at the back to find all of the references to the subject you are interested in. The content of the Teagasc Dairy Manual is built on rigorous scientific research and sound business principles which each reader can apply to his farm’s unique business and physical circumstances. No business can move forward profitably without occasionally drawing on professional support and we believe the Teagasc Dairy Manual can assist farmers to make even more effective use of their local Teagasc adviser, vet, merchant, accountant etc.

Above all, the Teagasc Dairy Manual reflects the complexity of running a dairy farm and we hope it can assist farmers to run their businesses sustainably, profitably and enjoyably. Readers who wish to discuss topics raised in the Teagasc Dairy Manual should contact their local Teagasc Office/Adviser.

Section 1 - Why Dairy Farming? (PDF, 4.95MB)

  • Why Dairying?
  • Investing in Dairying
  • How Competitive is Ireland as a Dairy Producer?
  • Potential Markets
  • Choosing a Dairy System
  • Liquid/Winter Milk Production
  • Farm Partnerships and Other Business Options
  • The Magic of Project Management

Section 2 - Business Management (PDF, 7.75MB)

  • A step by step guide to setting up a new dairy farm
  • Farm Milk Price Volatility in Ireland
  • Taxation in Farming
  • Dairy Discussion Groups
  • What education offers potential dairy farmers
  • Farm Business Plan
  • Managing Labour on Dairy Farms
  • Keeping Track of Dairy Business Finances
  • Planning for Retirement and Farm Succession

Section 3 - Dairy Facilities (PDF, 8MB)

  • Health and Safety on Dairy Farms
  • Securing a Land Base
  • Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
  • Grazing Infrastructure
  • Milking Facilities
  • Maximising Energy Efficiency
  • Winter Facilities
  • Dairy Farming on Heavy Soils
  • Mechanisation

Section 4 - Dairy Farming and the Environment (PDF, 2.8MB)

  • Key Environment Issues for Dairy Farmers
  • Cross Compliance and the Nitrates Derogation

Section 5 - Milk Quality (PDF, 8.6MB)

  • Food Assurance and Safety
  • Milk Payment Systems
  • Milk Quality: Mastitis and SCC
  • Milk Quality: Bacterial growth in milk
  • Milk Quality: Residues in Milk

Section 6 - Feeding Dairy Animals (PDF, 7.6MB)

  • Feeding the Dairy Cow
    Feeding the Dairy Cow (Concentrates)
  • Making Silage
  • Managing Your Grass
  • High-Quality Round Bales of Silage

Section 7 - Dairy Breeding (PDF, 4.6MB)

  • Dairy Cow Breeding
  • Dairy Cow Reproduction
  • Purchasing Dairy Stock
  • Bull selection Guidelines
  • Replacement Heifer Management
  • Contract Rearing of Replacement Heifers

Section 8 - Dairy Animal Health (PDF, 2.7MB)

  • Animal Health: A Strategic Perspective
  • Herd Health Infectious Disease
  • Lameness
  • Animal Welfare
  • Calving and Calf Health