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Teagasc Calf Rearing Manual

20 February 2017
Type Book

Best practice from birth to three months

Section 1The Newborn Calf (PDF)

  • Introduction to calf rearing 
  • Care of the newborn calf 
  • Colostrum feeding of the newborn

Section 2Calf Procurement and Transfer (PDF)

  • Sourcing the calf 
  • Transporting the calf from farm of origin 
  • Habituation to a new environment

Section 3Milk Feeding (PDF)

  • The liquid diet 
  • Milk feeding systems 
  • Milk feeding methods 
  • Milk replacer feeding 
  • Milk replacer nutritional specification

Section 4Rumen Development (PDF)

  • Development of the calf digestive system 
  • Concentrate feeding and feed additives
  • The importance of water and fibre

Section 5Calf Accommodation (PDF)

  • Calf house management
  • Individual and group housing
  • Calf house ventilation

Section 6Calf Health (PDF)

  • Calf diagnosis and disease prevention 
  • Diarrhoea (scour) 
  • Pneumonia
  • Other common conditions

Section 7Routine Calf Management Practices (PDF)

  • Tagging, castrating and disbudding calves 
  • Successful weaning of calves 
  • Monitoring calf growth and performance

Section 8Welfare and Safety on Farm (PDF)

  • Animal welfare 
  • Health and safety around calving and calf facilities