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Teagasc Farm Labour Manual

15 June 2017
Type Book

This manual aims to assist farmers who are currently employing, or thinking about employing, a labour unit for the first time. It brings together the expertise of front line Teagasc advisors, educators, human resources personnel and researchers across Teagasc. Contributions from commercial dairy farmers and the Workplace Relations Commission further enhance this highly practical publication.

Download Publication (PDF)

Section 1Hiring Staff (PDF)

  • The Decision to Hire
  • The Hiring Process
  • Just Hired - What Next
  • Checklist: For Clarity on Employment

Section 2Employment Law (PDF)

  • Employment Status
  • Pay and Wages 
  • Holidays, Breaks, Rest Time
  • Equality and Termination of Employment
  • Checklist: For Clarity on Employment

Section 3Staff Management and Retention (PDF)

  • Work Organisation and Communication
  • Developing an Employee
  • Managing Employees
  • Checklist: For Managing Employees

Section 4Rewarding Employees (PDF)

  • Pay Definitions
  • Payslips and Documents
  • Building a Package to Attract the Right Employee
  • Checklist: For Farmers Rewarding Employees

Section 5Safety, Health and Welfare of Employees on Dairy Farms (PDF)

  • Duties and Legislation
  • Health and Safety on the Farm
  • Checklist: For Health and Safety