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Going online is the only way in 2018

27 February 2018
Type Media Article

By Noel Mannion, Drystock Adviser, Roscommon Town.

All farmers should by now have received correspondence from the Department of Agriculture in connection with their application for the 2018 Basic Payment Scheme Application (BPS). The major change this year is that this application must be completed on-line. This can be done by yourself if you register on-line with the Department on “agfood.ie”. Alternatively you can get a consultancy such as Teagasc to do it on-line for you. Some of the advantages of making the application on-line include:

  • Accuracy of figures improved.
  • No missing information because the system won’t let you submit the application if relevant information is missing.
  • No postage or risk of the application getting lost in the post.
  • Consistency between your GLAS Plan and your BPS Application, the BPS online system will provide on screen notifications to highlight any issues arising in this regard.
  • Ensuring you comply with other area based schemes such as Afforestation Scheme, AEOS, Organic Farming Scheme, BDGP I and II, TAMS 2, Young Farmers/National Reserve, Sheep Welfare and KT programme.
  • Any queries from the Department about your application can be answered on-line.
  • Payments made to you and date of payment can be seen on line.

Having your application completed on-line by Teagasc can have many other benefits that you may not even be aware of!  These benefits include:

  • Access to professional, independent advice.
  • Discuss your present farming system. Can improvements in financial return be made and/or can labour requirement be reduced.
  • Soil Fertility, soil testing advice and being Nitrates compliant.
  • Grassland Management – getting higher weight gains on animals by good grazing practices.
  • Improving Silage Quality – leads to higher weight gains and /or lower meal bills.
  • Farm Transfer/Succession – discuss possible options.
  • Information about all farm schemes.
  • Get Teagasc Magazine and Newsletters free in the post with relevant, timely advice on all the different farm enterprises.
  • Invitations to Farm Meetings and Farm Walks.

Going on-line might not be such a bad thing after all! Teagasc provides a Local Advisory and Education service to farmers with offices in all counties.