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TAMS Grant For Dairy Farmers

28 September 2018
Type Media Article

By Séamus Nolan, Dairy Adviser, Teagasc Castlerea

The current TAMS grants have been in operation since 2015 and will continue to accept applications from eligible applicants until the end of 2020. Within the TAMS grants a number of schemes are of particular relevance to dairy farmers. These include the Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient storage Scheme (AWNSS), Dairy Equipment Scheme (DES) and Low Emission Slurry Spreading Scheme (LESS).

The AWNSS has been outlined in previous articles and covers grant aid for items such as slurry storage, animal housing, silage bases, automatic scrapers and precision grass measurement equipment.

The DES is geared towards dairy farmers and new entrants. Eligible investments include milking machines (new or extension to existing machine), milk storage and cooling equipment such as bulk tanks and plate coolers, water heating equipment and in parlour meal feeding systems including meal bins.

The LESS has become more relevant to dairy farmers due to the change is nitrates regulations where by any farmers covered by nitrates derogation must apply any slurry after June 15th with low emission equipment. Applicants can apply for grant aid for a new slurry tanker with low emissions attachment or can apply to retrofit a dribble bar to their existing tanker.

Under the AWNSS and DES an individual farmer can get 40% grant on a total investment of €80,000 (max €32,000 between both schemes). The LESS has a separate investment ceiling of €40,000 (max grant €16,000). For eligible young farmers, applications are made through the Young farmers’ capital investment scheme and a 60% grant rate applies. Those farming in a registered partnership benefit from an increased investment limit of €160,000. Young farmers farming in a joint herd number scenario with their parent are not eligible for the 60% grant rate.

The above are only a sample of investments eligible under the various schemes. If considering applying for TAMS grant you should firstly discuss with your adviser. All applications are via an on-line system and approvals may take a number of months.