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Profit Monitor Analysis - Dairy Farms 2018

07 October 2019
Type Book

The purpose of this publication is to provide a range of benchmarks for both individual farmers and farmer groups

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Dairy farms are businesses, so an awareness of the factors affecting profitability is vital, both to remain competitive and to identify areas for improvement over time. The Teagasc Profit Monitor (PM) is an online financial analysis tool available to all Teagasc clients. It provides a snapshot of a dairy farm’s financial (and physical) performance and allows the farmer to compare their farm’s performance with available benchmarks, including their farm’s previous year’s performance, other farm’s performance or Teagasc targets. Completing a Profit Monitor analysis on a yearly basis helps to keep the farmer in tune with how the farm business is performing. It keeps the farm owner/manager informed if changes made in the farm’s operation are having a positive effect on farm profitability.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a range of benchmarks for both individual farmers and farmer groups. The analyses in this publication are based on data provided by Teagasc dairy farmer clients relating to the 2017 production year and entered onto the PM system prior to 26th March 2018. In all, 1,754 farms are represented: 1,568 of these are engaged in spring milk production with the balance (186) engaged in winter/ liquid milk production.