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Protected Urea

04 January 2019
Type Report

Teagasc recently published revised Tier 2 national emission factors for a number of nitrogen based fertlisers which highlighted the high emissions associated with calcium ammonium nitrate (the dominant nitrogen fertiliser used in Ireland). A number of issues were raised by a fertiliser manufacturer relating to the recommendation to switch from CAN fertilisers to protected urea as a means to reduce emissions of the potent greenhouse gas N2O was received. Broadly these issues related to:

  1. CO2 emissions from  urea have not been considered
  2. The recommendation based on limited data set
  3. Reducing greenhouse gasses but increasing ammonia emissions.
  4. Inhibitors yet again introducing another chemical in agriculture

A detailed scientific response was compiled by Teagasc and sent to the fertiliser company and each receipient of the original letter raising these issues. A stakeholder workshop was then held on 31st May 2017 at Teagasc Ashtown. Copies of the presentations can be seen on http://agri-i.ie/2017/06/agri-i-stakeholder-workshop/

Teagasc detailed scientific response can be downloaded on the link below

The issues raised can be viewed at the link below