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Teagasc GreenAcres Farm Walk - O'Hanrahan

10 October 2019
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Open Day of Thomas & Peter O’Hanrahan, Kiljames, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny | Thursday, 10 October 2019

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Open Day of Thomas & Peter O’Hanrahan, participants of the Teagasc GreenAcres Calf to Beef Programme.

The O’Hanrahan family operate a calf to beef system in Kiljames, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. Since Peter returned home, the father and son team have increased stock numbers significantly. Initially seven calves were purchased in 2014. Year by year, this has grown to 20, 60, 80, 160 and 180 in 2019. At the same time, the suckler herd on the farm was dispersed.

The challenges facing beef producers have been well documented in 2019. The Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme is a positive initiative to try and address some of the challenges that exist around on-farm profitability. The second phase of this programme began earlier this year with 13 farmers agreeing to be leaders and ambassadors for the programme.

Over the duration of the programme, Seán Cummins and James Fitzgerald, along with Alan Dillon, the Programme Manager, will work on an intensive basis with the demonstration farms to advise best practice on the rearing, growing and finishing of purchased dairy-bred calves through to beef.

The second phase of the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme is supported by Liffey Mills, Drummonds Ltd., Volac Ireland, MSD Animal Health, Munster Bovine and Corteva Agriscience.