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Teagasc/SRUC Conference

06 December 2019
Type Event Proceeding

Teagasc/SRUC Conference - Friday, December 6th 2019

‘Rural Futures II: Towards Sustainable Solutions for Ruminant Pastoral Agricultural Systems in Scotland and Ireland’

This conference will address the major environmental, consumer and economic challenges facing the pasture-based livestock systems in Scotland and Ireland and will in particular, address options for creating sustainable and resilient pasture-based livestock production systems that can help mitigate GHG emissions and adapt to a changing climate, while continuing to provide food and nutrition security.

Further information on the programme is available here: Rural Futures II Programme (PDF)

Keynote speakers:

The role of farm animals in a circular food system (Dr Hannah van Zanten, Wageningen University & Research)

Options for keeping the food system with environmental limits (Dr Marco Springmann, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, University of Oxford)

Plenary Session 1: Addressing global ruminant challenges: the role of science and technology

The prospect of minimal methane emissions from ruminants (Professor Jamie Newbold, Academic Director, SRUC)

Securing the role of ruminants in grassbased food production systems through application of technology (Professor Frank O’Mara, Director of Research, Teagasc)

Role of the rumen microbiome in enhancing feed efficiency and reducing methane emissions in ruminants (Professor Sinead Waters, Principal Research Officer, Teagasc)

Improving nutritional efficiency in ruminant production systems (Professor Richard Dewhurst, Professor of Ruminant Nutrition & Production Systems, SRUC)

Plenary Session 2: Adopting a circular economy in pastoral systems: Reducing and utilising waste products

Valorisation of waste from meat and milk (Professor Brijesh Tiwari, Principal Research Officer, Teagasc)

Plenary Session 3: Adoption of behavioural change for sustainable production and consumption

How to accelerate adoption of sustainable practices in livestock production (Ms Rebecca Audsley, Consulting Solutions, SRUC)

Barriers to uptake of technology in animal production (Dr Áine Macken-Walsh, Principal Research Officer, Teagasc)