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Major & micro nutrient advice for productive agricultural crops

14 July 2020
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The Green Book

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A major responsibility of the research staff at Johnstown Castle has been the publication of leaflets, booklets and manuals giving nutrient and trace element advice for grassland and crops. This began in the 1940s and was the scientific basis for soil analysis (Coulter 2000), since then, further updates were published by Coulter in 2004 (2nd edition), by Coulter and Lalor in 2008 (3rd edition) and by Wall and Plunkett in 2016 (4th edition. This version has now been enhanced and expanded to produce the present volume (5th edition) published by Wall and Plunkett in 2020.

New sections and information and updates based on the latest scientific findings have been made to grassland fertiliser advice section including nitrogen advice for grass–white clover swards. Many of the chapters have been reorganised to make them easier to consult and the advice and tables have been redesigned to be compliant with the latest European and Irish legislation.