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Pig Manure: A Valuable Fertiliser - Infographic

29 May 2020
Type Factsheet

Infographic outlining how pig manure is counted as being a valuable fertiliser

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It is well known that farmers can make substantial savings in fertiliser costs by using pig manure to grow their grass and tillage crops. Most of the pig manure produced on farms in Ireland is in the liquid form (slurry). Pig slurry is an organic fertiliser. It has a value because of the nutrients that it can supply for crop growth.

€ = Nutrient Content x Nutrient Availability /100 x Fertiliser Cost

1m³ pig slurry is worth €5.36 at 4.3% solids

1m³ = 220 gallons | 1,000 gallons = 4.54m³ | Worth €24.33 per 1,000 gallons

1000 gallons pig manure = 50kg NPK 19 - 7 - 20