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Protected Urea – Cost Efficient N

28 April 2020
Type Factsheet

Prepared by Mark Plunkett and Patrick Forrestal, Teagasc Johnstown Castle

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Why Protected Urea for Grasslands?

Protected Urea has lower nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions compared to CAN & lower ammonia (NH3) losses compared to urea. Never has pressure for agriculture to reduce these losses been greater and protected urea is a practical cost effective solution.

Considerations when spreading Protected Urea?

  1. Set up & calibrate fertiliser spreader correctly, check bout width due to lower bulk density. If you can spread urea you can spread protected urea
  2. Fertiliser with 80% of granules 2 to 4mm in size

When to apply Protected Urea?

  1. Use protected urea as main straight N / N & S source
  2. Protected urea can be applied in spring, summer & autumn (within spreading period dates)