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Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting

19 August 2020
Type Event Proceeding

Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting which took place on Wednesday, 22 July and focused on biostimulants and novel plant protection options.

There are many new products available that work to support the development of plants and to trigger their natural defenses. The EU new green deal has set very high demands for the reduction in use of plant protection products and increase in organic production by 2030. We can assume there will be a strong emphasis on biostimulants in the future.

Dr Murphy introduces the basic principles of how endophytes work and looks at a commercialised product that has applications in horticulture. Dr Feechan discusses the impacts of some biological plant protection products and their modes of action. The “New Leaves research project” looking at shot hole in Laurel is discussed, it has delivered some new  understanding of this troublesome disease.

There were two short presentations followed by questions, see presentations below.

View webinar recording below