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Teagasc Pig Research Facility Update - 15 May

15 May 2020
Type Media Article

Video in a series by the Teagasc Pig Development Department. Tomas Ryan farm manager in the Teagasc Pig Research Facility gives us an update on what's been happening in the unit.

Tomas Ryan, Manager of the Teagasc Pig Research Facility gives an update on how the facility has been going over the last three weeks.

Tomas explains that they were weaning last week which saw 33 sows come out and weaned 13.5 piglets/ sow, roughly 450 piglets and they went along to their first stage of their accommodation. Sows are out now being served the last couple of days, 34 sows were served in this batch. At the end of this week, next week's farrowing will be brought in - 32 sows.

Weaning figures are 8.3/4 kilos on our pigs at weaning and transfer of pigs to finishing stage at week 11 at life is still averaging at 35 kilos and carcass weight is still holding at 90.5 kilos. There is a slight reduction of sale rate due to forward selling.

Tomas highlights some of the research that has been going on in the facility, specifically a trial recently completed by pHD candidate, Jordi Camp Montoro. Tomas gives a quick overview of his experiments and how they were laid out. What was found was that there was a reduction in growth rate in the heavy stocked pens as well as an increase in MCR and aggression. The effect of mixing pigs that transfer to the finishing stage as apposed to keeping in tact litters can also result in a reduction of growth rates.

Another research trial that is ongoing is a wet food trial led by Dr Peadar Lawlor which is currently half way through.